Kitchen Spa

Nature provides us with just the right ingredients for everything; we have compiled a list of the best and the most effective recipes for healthy, all-natural goodness for your benefits. You can choose your own fresh, natural ingredients and create customized blends suitable for your skin. Zen facial products are freshly prepared at our spa kitchen just before the treatment. They are especially good to preserve antioxidant vitamin for nourishing your healthy skin. Our natural ingredients include sunflower oil, an excellent basic for facial care, emollient and toning. Coconut oil isalso used for nourishing and conditioning skin and hair. For dry skin, avocado gives a luscious after effect for a facial mask. We also use oatmeal for its excellence in treating over-dry, irritated or sensitive skin.We believe in the goodness of sugar as an exfoliator and emollient—while cucumber and honey is for asoothing, cooling, and calming skin.